Here at GadgtSpot, we’re a bunch of nomadic geeks that survive on new tech and the occasional piece of food fed to us through a slot in our doorway, which is designed to our exposure to sunlight. GadgtSpot all started out one night when Patrick wanted to start his own blog. He had blogged at several different sites for quite a while now, and thought it was time he moved on and start his own. He contacted Simon (our systems administrator) and Brandon (social media guru and posting expert), and they were both excited to help make this a reality! We are honestly just a bunch of friends who want to talk about technology. We all enjoy it, and some of us need tech to function (gotta love new-fangled coffee makers!) Most of us are Android junkies, or recovering webOS diehards. Some (like our founder Patrick), moved his loyalty from webOS to Windows Phone (though he does still have several webOS phones lying around). We are always looking for more writers, if you’re interested, drop us a line to with the subject “Potential Writer”. Have a tip? Contact us using our contact page above. Also, please don’t mind our dust. We’re still working on things here. If you see something that needs to be improved, please, don’t hesitate to use the contact page above!