Shieldon Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6S Review: Stylish and Functional

Shieldon Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6S Review: Stylish and Functional

The Shieldon Wallet case for iPhone 6/6S is simple and stylish, yet functional as a case. Available in black and brown leather, this is a case with plenty of use cases. Obviously, it should function perfectly fine as a wallet, right? Well, not entirely. It’s designed to fit several credit cards along with some cash, but it really can’t hold all that. Stuffing more than a few bills inside will keep the case from closing all the way. I have no problem with this, as when I need to carry money/cards on me, I only need one or the other, and not much cash.


The iPhone itself is inserted into a hard plastic shell which attaches to the leather. This securely holds your iPhone in place with no wiggle room. The back of the plastic case is only partially attached to the leather, though. This is done so that you can use the iPhone as if on a stand in landscape mode. This is perfect for watching videos or placing a video call with your friends.



While the case is quite thick—just under 3/4″ to be precise—it won’t interfere with the camera lens. I was surprised about this, due to the close proximity of the case and the camera lens, but several weeks of use didn’t yield any odd results. Also, keep in mind that anything you put inside the case will make it thicker and possibly uncomfortable for long periods of time.

Sadly, the plastic shell does not cover the top and bottom of the phone. If you’re one to frequently drop your phone, then this case won’t be a good option for you, as the screen could easily crack from the right direction of impact. However, accessories like the OLALA Flash Drive we recently reviewed will work just fine with this case!


Overall, this is a fantastic case, provided you aren’t too clumsy with your electronics. Being able to store cash and cards inside the case is quite handy, and the design of the case is something I love having.

You can get the Shieldon iPhone 6/6S case from Amazon for $25.

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Shieldon Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6S

Shieldon Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6S Review: Stylish and Functional




The Shieldon wallet case for iPhone 6/6S has a great design, offers plenty of function, but lacks when it comes to protection. The wallet capacity is also disappointing for a product made for being a... wallet.



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