TRAKK Vigor Power Bank Backpack Review

TRAKK Vigor Power Bank Backpack Review

When you are a geek on the go, it is often a chore to keep all your electronic goodies whirring and buzzing along. You also need a bag to hold everything. Trakk has responded with a stylish backpack that can help you do both, while also boasting RFID protection and a waterproof design. The Vigor includes a built in 7000mAh battery pack with one external or internal USB port, a microUSB connector, a lightning connector, and for those of you who are WAY behind: a 30 pin Apple connector.



The backpack has a premium look and feel to it with heavy nylon fabric, synthetic leather, thick vinyl to protect the bottom, attractive blue accents, and plenty of padding. The shoulder straps are wide, thick, soft and won’t be cutting into you even with extended use. The back also features thick cushions to keep everything comfortable. All that padding comes in handy because even with the battery pack removed, this thing has some heft to it. All the materials used are high quality and stitched together with reinforced joints.



Unfortunately the main selling point of this backpack—namely the charging system—has not been as well thought out as the rest of it. The main power plant sits behind the external power gauge inside of the front pocket and includes an external charger port on the side. The charger is a wall wort with a barrel plug, leaving no way to top up using a car’s cigarette lighter. The battery can be removed to be charged as well, but can’t be used without being attached to the rest of the unit. I would have liked to see the removable battery pack be able to be used as a traditional power bank but that is unfortunately not an option.

Sitting in the bottom of the front pocket are your three non-removable charging cables. Anyone who had used the same microUSB cables for a while knows that they can and do wear out eventually so having the ability to swap these out for new cables when they become worn or ones that are better suited for your devices would have been a welcome feature. There is one USB port on the power assembly than can either be used with the backpack’s external USB port by plugging in it’s cable or a cable of your choosing for internal use. Strangely, the cable for the external USB port hangs loosely in the compartment where a laptop would go and must be run through a hole into the other compartment where it is plugged into the power assembly. This leaves the cable running across the compartment where it could easily be snagged.

trakk_usb_cableOn the up side, there are lots of pockets along with little nooks and crannies to hold all of your gear. The rear compartment features a large fluffy padded strap to keep your laptop nice and protected. My Acer Chromebook 15 fits nicely, and I could have fit a 16″ or 17″ laptop in there easily as well, but anything larger than that would be pushing it.

Other Features

Trakk claims the Vigor is “waterproof” although I think the term “water resistant” would be more appropriate. You won’t be dropping this into a lake and fishing it out only to find bone-dry electronics inside. That being said, I wouldn’t be afraid to take it out in a rain storm. The RFID protection is limited to a small pocket contained within the lower back cushion. It isn’t a huge space but it is plenty large to hold a wallet or checkbook.



This is a premium backpack—with a premium price tag. It looks and feels quite nice and is a pleasure to carry around, but it’s job could be done just as well with a $10 backpack from a department store, a can of camp-dry, and a cheap USB power bank. If you don’t mind paying for a heavy-duty, durable, backpack and you’ve considered the awkward charging abilities of this backpack, then this still might be the bag for you.

You can pick the Trakk Vigor up at Amazon for $130.


TRAKK Vigor Power Bank Backpack Review




The Trakk Vigor is a great backpack with some handy features, but could use a few tweaks. It's also a bit on the pricy side.



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