Eufy Lumos A3 LED Desk Lamp Review

Eufy Lumos A3 LED Desk Lamp Review

Proper lighting is a must when more and more people are spending lots of time in the office. Poor lighting conditions, plus a giant computer monitor, can lead to eye strain, especially at night. Thankfully, there are plenty of fun options to remedy this problem—LED backlighting and smart lights are good examples. But, what if your office setup doesn’t allow for this? That’s where the Eufy Lumos A3 desk lamp comes into the picture. Should you be unfamiliar with the Eufy brand, it is the new home brand by Anker.



With four separate lighting modes—work, read, relax, and play—there’s a setting to satisfy any situation. Each mode has a preset blue value, with work having the highest and sleep having the lowest. There are preset brightness adjustments for each mode as well, but if you were hoping to change the presents—sorry—it’s not going to happen. I’m using my lamp as a bedside light, so the relax and sleep modes see frequent use. Having multiple modes is a major upgrade from my previous Anker Lumos A1 desk lamp; both the color choices and the brightness levels work well for many applications. It’s bright enough for work or reading at night: even if it’s the only light in the room. Even so, you can dim it so that it’s hardly noticeable.img_20160915_153408


A neat feature of the lamp is the Power IQ-enabled USB charging port, found right above the power plug on the right side of the lamp. The inclusion of a convenient bedside charger or a hidden desktop charger is one of the benefits of this lamp. While I don’t use this too often, I love knowing that it is there.img_20160915_153440

In stark comparison to more traditional desk lamps, the Eufy Lumos A3 desk lamp has the ability to rotate 180° around on its base, move the lamp arm forward or backwards 40° (in relation to the base), move the lamp head up or down 130°, and turn the lamp head side to side 270°: a total of four independent joints.

Now, it’s important to note the size of this product. When I first received it, I thought it to be massive in comparison to my Anker Lumos A1 lamp. In reality, it is only 2 feet high—which would be considered normal or even small for any other lamp—but because of its super skinny frame, it looks somewhat odd.

For those worried about tipping and weight distribution: don’t fret! This is not an issue in the Eufy Lumos A3, as it was in the Anker Lumos A1. The base is heavily weighted in comparison to the rest of the lamp, and the lamp itself is designed to not stretch beyond its limits.

Final thoughts? This is definitely the best lamp from Eufy/Anker. If you’re looking at buying one of their lamps, then this is the one you’ll want. It is bright enough for most situations, yet warm and dark enough to use for nighttime reading. The sturdy build quality won’t leave you disappointed, and the addition of a USB charging port is a nice bonus. You can find this lamp for $54.99 on Amazon.

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