Help a deaf Guardian get more captions in Destiny

Help a deaf Guardian get more captions in Destiny

As of May 5, 2016, Bungie’s Destiny had 30 million registered players. Granted, that’s not the number of active players, but it’s safe to say that a good number of those players are. When a game has millions of active users, there are going to be a decent handful of them with an impairment. Players who have color-blindness and/or are deaf (or hard of hearing) still enjoy playing video games, including Destiny. However, the game would definitely benefit from additional options to better meet the needs of its broad user base.

A Reddit user by the name tigersharkdude took to the Destiny subreddit to ask fellow Redditors to help get Bungie’s attention. Their post mentions that they do have subtitles enabled, but most of the random NPC dialogue isn’t captioned. Understandably, this leaves them with an incomplete experience. They asked their fellow Guardians to back a petition (which user thegreymage offered to help write) to add captions for the NPC dialogue. Basically, subtitle all the things!

Minecraft has similar subtitles, where pretty much everything, including ambient noise, is captioned, allowing those who are deaf and hard of hearing (or those who simply want the subtitles) to enjoy the game like everyone else.

If the Reddit post (currently at 3,187 upvotes and counting) doesn’t get enough attention, tigersharkdude says the petition will be made. Whenever that happens, we’ll update y’all with a link where you can sign and show your support!

Update (9/17/16, 5:15pm): with the Reddit post at over 4000 upvotes, tigersharkdude says that a petition is no longer needed, as “Cozmo has seen it and forwarded it to the right people.”

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