How to remove incorrect faces in iOS 10

How to remove incorrect faces in iOS 10

Since the release of iOS 10 this past Tuesday, its adoption rate has increased to 20% of all iOS devices. That means that millions of Apple’s customers around the world are enjoying and using its new features, such as stickers in iMessage, the ability to hide stock apps, and facial recognition in the Photos app. Nothing is perfect, however, and not everyone will be satisfied. Some feel that iMessage is now too clunky and feels childish. You can’t actually delete stock apps (they’re just hidden); and Apple’s facial recognition doesn’t always get it right. If you have a lot of photos with faces in them, you may have noticed that last issue. What can you do when an incorrect face shows up under your friend’s name? Thankfully, there’s a way to remove them, but it’s not so clear-cut. First, here’s a how-to for those with iOS devices without force touch. If you have a device with force touch, scroll down to the bottom for the one-step how-to.

Find the incorrect face

iOs 10 photos 1

One of these things is not like the other. iOS thinks that my friend Tiffany is actually my friend Jenni. To make it easy to find the “offender,” tap “Select” up top, then tap “Show Faces” at the bottom of the screen. This will zoom into the face iOS thinks belongs to the person.

Select the incorrect face

ios 10 photos 2

Once you’ve found the incorrect face, select it.

Tap on the Share button

ios 10 photos 3

No, we’re not going to actually share the photo with anyone. While iOS presents a list of various apps to share the photo on, the button you want to tap is “Not This Person.”

Select “Not This Person”

ios 10 photos 4

Once you’ve tapped the “Not This Person” button, the photo will no longer show up under the incorrect name.

Alternatively: Force touch and scroll

ios 10 faces 1

If you’re on a device that has force touch capabilities, there are far fewer steps. Just force touch the incorrect face if you were going to peek at the photo, then scroll to reveal the list of options. Simply select “Not This Person,” and you’re good to go!

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  1. Dave Grainger

    How can I turn off Faces entirely?

  2. Marc Smith

    This has stopped me from taking any more pictures of friends. Very sad. Terrible move by Apple not to have a simple On/Off setting for facial recognition.

    • Brandon Spruill

      That’s…odd. I actually can’t tell if you’re trolling or not. Regardless, the camera and Photos app operate the same even if you don’t go to the ‘People’ section

      • It’s not odd at all. Forced facial recognition is creepy and extremely unsettling. I found my way to your article because I am looking for a way to deactivate that so-called “feature” before I install iOS10. It’s not a feature I want, nor is it one I trust. A simple opt-in button wouldn’t be difficult to do. Same with this annoying “update?” pop-up. This is my device not Apple’s.

        • Brandon Spruill

          Well, Apple doesn’t have access to your faces. The data is all processed on device and never sent to Apple’s servers. There’s a reason it doesn’t currently sync with other iCloud devices. Apple hasn’t found a way to do that without taking away some privacy, so they haven’t. Nothing to distrust. I understand your desire to have more control over your device, however. You’re just not going to get that type of control any time soon. Not with iOS 10, at least.


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