How to set your avatar on Android Nougat

How to set your avatar on Android Nougat

On the lockscreen. In quick settings. In the users screen. A little, default, Google avatar. Present ever since Android 5.0, you’ve never been sure how to change it, or why it’s just not set to your Google profile picture. In this quick how-to, I’ll show you how to change it.

For reference, this how-to applies to devices running stock Android 5.0 or newer. Devices with skins may not have this option. *cough* EMUI *cough*

When Android 5.0 came out, you could add multiple users to the phone: a perfect solution for those sharing a phone. Along with that came a little avatar that appeared on the lockscreen and in the quick settings to let you know which account was currently signed in. Sadly, there is no way to remove it, even if there’s only one account on the phone. So, the solution is to make the best of it and set it to your favorite avatar, or whatever else you want to see on your lockscreen.

For starters, unlock your phone. Head on over to the quick settings by swiping down twice from the top. See that little blue guy in the upper right? Tap on that, and the user screen will open up.


Tap on “More Settings” at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be lead to another Users screen from which you can see all users on the phone. Tap on your user, and a box will come up from where you can change your name on the phone, and your profile picture. Tap on blue guy, and you’ll be able to choose if you want to take a new photo or choose an existing one from the gallery. It’s pretty self-explanatory from here — just follow the on-screen instructions. When you have your photo, you may crop it before saving it. Hit OK once done, and the avatar will be saved for you phone!


Going back to the quick settings, you’ll see your shiny new avatar there, and on the lockscreen. Enjoy, and let us know if you want to see more of these types of articles!

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