Factory and OTA Images Live for the Nexus 6P

Factory and OTA Images Live for the Nexus 6P

Several days ago, when the Nougat factory and OTA images went live for all devices except the Nexus 6P, Nexus 6, and Nexus 9 LTE, we were left with a mystery as to why those devices were excluded. The Nexus 6P on Marshmellow received the September security updates, but not the Nougat versions.

Well, today Google has gifted us with the factory and OTA images for the Nexus 6P on Nougat. Google didn’t offer an explanation as to why the update was delayed, but we can only hope that these updates will solve some of the battery and performance issues that have been plaguing 6P users.

Download the factory or OTA image for the Nexus 6P below. Both include the September security update and carry the build number NRD90U.

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