The Next Generation of Apple Watch

The Next Generation of Apple Watch

Today at the Apple Keynote, Apple announced the next generation of Apple Watch. It is called Apple Watch Series 2 and, according to Apple, it has been completely redesigned from the previous generation.

One of the biggest features is that it is swim proof up to 50 meters! While the first Apple Watch was only splash proof, this is completely water-resistant for everyone—including those who swim every day. Even the speaker is water-resistant. It has been redesigned so that after your swim, it ejects the water from by activating the speaker.

Inside the watch, there’s a new chip called S2. It features a dual core chip, allowing it to go up to 2x faster, as well as a new GPU.

Series 2 also has a new, 2x brighter display, which is the brightest display Apple has ever released, on any product, at 1,000nts. This allows for viewing the watch in even the brightest of conditions.

Another great feature is built-in GPS on the watch. No more waiting for GPS to load on your phone.

Apple has partnered with Nike to create a Nike designed Apple Watch Nike+. It features a perforated, lightweight band combined with the lightweight aluminum Apple watch. There are software modifications to promote Nike software as well. This would include shortcuts to start your run, and messages that ask “Are We Running Today?” coupled with statistics about when your last run was.

The Apple Watch Nike+ is available in four colors, priced at $369.

The Apple Watch Series 2 comes in aluminum, stainless steel, and a new material: ceramic. The design of the ceramic is beautiful, looks great with any band, and is 4x harder than stainless steel. It will be priced at $369.

Additionally, the original Apple Watch is going to be modified with the new dual core processor and sold for $269.

WatchOS 3 will be released on September 13th, while pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series start on the 9th of September. The Apple Watch Nike+ will be available in late October.


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