iPhone 7 and 7 Plus launched at the Apple Keynote

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus launched at the Apple Keynote

The best iPhone ever made by Apple has been released today at the Apple Keynote: the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 is available in a brand new color called Jet Black, featuring a uniform glass body. Standard aluminum black, gold, silver, and rose gold models are also available. The antennas that made an appearance in the iPhone 6 has now been completely hidden—even on the aluminum models. The iPhone 7 is now IP67 rated for dust and water resistance, meaning the accidental slip into the pool won’t ruin your iPhone.

The home button, a essential piece of Apple design, now is force sensitive. There are unique notifications features, such as quick actions, and it can be customized by third-party apps.

The camera on the iPhone is completely redesigned. The lens has been upgraded to 12MP, OIS is included, a f/1.8 aperture, 6 element lens, and a high-speed sensor that is 60% more efficient. Even the flash has been redesigned to be quad-LED producing 50% more light.

Several professional photographers took a look at the iPhone 7 camera and gave excellent feedback on it. But, the true test remains to be seen, once consumers get their hands on the new iPhone 7.

One of the downfalls of any smartphone camera is the inability to zoom without loosing a ton of image quality. However, in the new iPhone 7 Plus, there is a dual lens camera that allows for hardware zooming up to 2x without losing any quality, and keeping the image at 12MP. Going beyond 2x uses software zooming, but the quality lost is 4x less than previous generations. Additionally, an experiment by the Apple engineering team resulted in a deep depth focus camera option, which, in real-time, will add a deep depth focus effect previously found only on DSLRs.

There is now a 25% brighter, wide color gamut, color management and 3D enabled display in the new iPhone 7.

For the first time, there are now stereo speakers on the iPhone 7; putting out twice the volume of previous generations. One speaker is at the top, the other is at the bottom, allowing for a fantastic movie listening experience.

And yes, the rumors are completely true. No 3.5mm audio jack on the new iPhone. The new EarPods have a Lightning connector, and an adapter is included for 3.5mm to Lightning.

The wireless audio industry has always been lacking. That is, up until now. Apple has released the AirPods, a wireless earbud solution for iPhone. They look just like the regular EarPods, minus any cords. They will only play when inserted into your ear, thanks to a new W1 chip, Apple’s first wireless chip. There are 5 hours of listening on just the earbuds, and the case itself has a built-in battery. Combined, you’ll get 24 hours of playback on the new AirPods. Plug in a lightning connector to the case to recharge both the AirPods and case.

There is a new chip inside the iPhone 7: A10 Fusion, a four-core CPU, 40% faster than the A9 chip found in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. It allows for even better performance, especially on games. Thanks to the new A10 Fusion chip, you should be seeing around 2 more hours of battery life when compared to the iPhone 6S, on average.

Product Availability

Official Apple cases, battery cases, charging docs, and AirPods will be available soon.

The iPhone 7 comes in black, jet black, silver, gold, and rose gold in 32GB, 128Gb, and 256GB storage options. The iPhone 7 Plus comes in the same color and storage options. You can buy the iPhone 7 for $649, and the iPhone 7 Plus for $749. Preorders start this week, and starts shipping on September 16th.

iOS 10 comes out on September 13th. AirPods will be available in late October.

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