Watchfaces Weekly: Glow and Spotted!

Watchfaces Weekly: Glow and Spotted!

Welcome to Watchfaces Weekly, our weekly roundup series of some of the hottest Android Wear watchfaces we can find! If you have suggestions for watch faces we should feature in the future, or are a developer and want your watchface featured, let us know! You can leave comments below or shoot an email to


The first face on today’s Watchfaces Weekly is Glow by Stephanie Carls. This is a pretty cool face for all of you who like to match your outfit with your smartwatch. The main feature of this face is that you can take a picture of your outfit, and it will grab the main colors from the picture and customize the watch face accordingly. Additionally, the watchface itself is pretty awesome – it spells out the time for you! I’ve become a big fan of this time style, and to top it off the date is beautifully displayed below the time.

Grab this epic watch face from the Play Store for $0.99.

The other face we have today is SPOTTED by This is a brand new face, and it’s pretty sweet. The time is in a digital format, displayed in a dotted way. Around the perimeter of the watchface, you’ll find the date and battery levels, both for the watch and phone. Even those are displayed in a dotted format! Your step count is also displayed at the bottom of the watchface. Tapping on the center of the watchface will eliminate the seconds part of the face, and expand the time to fill more area. Having it this way is my preferred setup, as I’m not a huge fan of the seconds ring.


I love the work that Marcin Ramzes has done in the past (like the RUGGED2 face), so be sure to support him by buying this face for $0.99 on the Play Store.

Our Watchfaces Weekly will continue to come back weekly on Monday’s! Remember to submit watch faces for us to feature, and a big thank you to those of you who have submitted faces already!

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