Watchfaces Weekly: Ranger and Legacy!

Watchfaces Weekly: Ranger and Legacy!

Welcome to Watchfaces Weekly, our weekly roundup series of some of the hottest Android Wear watch faces we can find! If you have suggestions for watch faces we should feature in the future, or are a developer and want your watch face featured, let us know! You can leave comments below or shoot an email to

This week we have two awesome watch faces from a favorite developer of mine, Zuhanden.


The first face is their Ranger watch face, which was featured in the Google I/O 2016 Keynote. Ranger has a classic analog, rugged look to it. It features several complications, such as battery (both phone and watch), date, step counter, compass, and weather. A really neat feature of this face is that it has a night mode built in, which looks really cool any time of the day. I have mine set to the green/orange color scheme, giving me the look I might find on a traditional watch. Those features, plus the overall awesome aesthetic, make this one of my favorite watch faces.

You can buy this watch face for $0.99 on the Play Store.


The next face by Zuhanden is their Legacy face. This is a nice and simple watch face, yet at the same it can be quite informative. In addition to the analog style of time it has complications such as the temperature, date and step tracking, right from the face. One nice touch that I appreciate is that when you tap on the face, the second hand will change colors. Of course, you can turn this setting off, but I always enjoy a little interactivity on any of my watch faces.

You can buy this watch face for $0.99 over at the Play Store.

Let us know what you think of these – we’d love to hear your feedback on this series!

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