Verizon Sets Up a Social Referral Program for Its Customers

Verizon Sets Up a Social Referral Program for Its Customers

A few days ago, Verizon announced a new referral program for their existing customers: when customers sign up for the referral program and share their special link on social media, they will earn up to $100 per month for getting new clients on board with Verizon!

Here’s the program details, as provided by Verizon:

  • Existing customer click here to visit and enter MyVerizon credentials
  • Customer selects referral option (Facebook or Twitter)
  • Confirm social credentials, personalize and post
  • Prospective customer sees referral invitation
  • Prospective customer chooses to redeem offer and enters their email
  • Activates a new account either online, in a store or over the phone using the same email address
  • Visa rewards cards will be sent to both the new and existing customers after the new account has been active for 45 days

This program officially started on July 1st, so if you are already a customer, be sure to check this out.

Existing customers will earn $25 for the one referral, $50 for two, and $100 for three or more referrals. This certainly isn’t a bad deal – the new customers who get referred will even get a $50 Visa rewards card.

While John Legere certainly has a different idea of how referral programs should work, we’ll leave the decision to you: do you think this is a good move for Verizon?

Source: Verizon Wireless

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