Project Fi Adds US Cellular to the Party

Project Fi Adds US Cellular to the Party

Google’s Project Fi is a relatively new kind of network that previously joined two carriers’ (T-Mobile and Sprint) coverage and threw WiFi into the mix. You can learn more about Fi here.

Now, Fi has added US Cellular to bring themselves up to three carriers. Unfortunately, they still have a ways to go before they can comfortably cover the entirety of the United States, but they are getting closer.

This addition was announced a little while back, but it has now gone live with an update to the Project Fi app and an update to the website adding US Cellular to the list of carriers.

Looking at the coverage map, Fi seems to be sorely lacking near Wyoming and Montana. We can only hope that this coverage gets better as time goes on.

Project Fi

In order to take advantage of the US Cellular towers near you, you’ll need to update your Project Fi app. If there is no update waiting for you, you can check out APKMirror and see if that does the trick.

Source: AndroidCentral Via: PocketNow

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