Is Google Finally Taking Over the Hardware Market?

Is Google Finally Taking Over the Hardware Market?

Currently, Google and Apple are fierce competitors. Apple makes iOS and macOS (formerly OS X) while Google makes Android and Chrome OS. We all know the age old Android vs iOS arguments, and Chrome OS has been making its own splashes as an operating system.

Apple also manufactures all of the phones, tablets, and computers (both desktops and laptops) that run their operating systems. On the other hand, Google only manufactures one tablet and one laptop which run their system.

The Chromebook Pixel and Pixel C are the only two devices that Google has released built completely by them; however, that all may change very soon.

Chromebook Pro

According to a Reddit user, Google’s Opinion Rewards asked in a survey “How would you think a Chromebook Pro is different than a Chromebook?”. The Chromebook Pixel is already the top of the line Chromebook out on the market currently, but could Google be looking to put out a laptop that rivals the Macbook Pro?


What would that even look like? Perhaps a Chromebook with more power than the Pixel and the ability to run full applications vs the web apps that other Chromebooks are limited to?

Google Phone

This year, we expect HTC to release two Nexus devices. However, there is some talk that we may see a Google branded smartphone before the end of the year.


With the release of the Pixel C, a tablet running vanilla Android developed and released solely by Google, there was some speculation that Google could be releasing a phone developed in-house.

Now there are rumors coming from sources supposedly knowledgeable of such dealings telling The Telegraph that Google is looking to build that phone soon.

Our Thoughts

Is it possible that Google is looking to become more like Apple by controlling the hardware as well as the software? At this point, it may not be a bad idea.

There are lots of people out there concerned about fragmentation of Android as an operating system. With OEMs controlling the updates, software updates don’t get implemented as quickly as they should. Speed aside, devices lose official support far quicker than they should.

It may be in Google’s best interest to start producing high end smartphones that receive the proper software support. Android may control the market, but iOS owns the high end market. This could be what Google needs in order to weaken Apple’s hold of that market.

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