Cherry announces the fastest mechanical MX switch yet

Cherry announces the fastest mechanical MX switch yet

Cherry has long been known as the premier switch manufacture for mechanical keyboards. The Cherry MX switch is found in many of the top-tier gaming keyboards, and the MX style even trickles down to cheaper keyboards like the Enhance Gaming GX-K3 keyboard we reviewed a little while ago. Today, Cherry announced the Cherry MX Speed: The fastest mechanical MX switch ever.

The MX Speed has an actuation point of 1.2 millimeters, which makes the travel of the switch super short. The activation force is only 45cN, which is also really good. Having this short key travel makes it perfect for gamers, as you won’t have to shove the key way down before it activates, which could give you the edge you need in a FPS.

The switch looks to come in a non-backlit and a RGB-backlit version.

Corsair looks to have a 6-month exclusivity on the new switch, featuring it in a refresh of the K65 RGB, K70, and K70 RGB.

What do you think of this new switch? Are you a mechanical keyboard enthusiast? Or do you just grab a keyboard on your way out of Best Buy and hope it lasts a few years? Let us know in the comments below, or on social media! For the full press release from Cherry, check after the break.

The fastest mechanical MX switch!

Auerbach, 21 April 2016 – CHERRY, the market leader and expert in mechanical switch keyboards, presents the new MX SPEED switch, which ensures high switching frequencies and extremely low response times, made possible by a very short travel. The brand-new MX SPEED is the fastest CHERRY switch on the market and is ideal for use in mechanical gaming keyboards, or keyboards for fast and frequent typists. The world’s leading precision and unique Gold-Crosspoint contact technology rounds off the new switch. All this guarantees the highest performance of a CHERRY MX switch so far.

MX SPEED: the fastest CHERRY switch of all time

CHERRY expands its own portfolio of mechanical switches with the MX SPEED, a new top model which comes with a high performance. The name speaks for itself: thanks to an actuation point of 1.2 millimeters and the resulting, extremely short travel as well as a low activation force of only 45 cN, this high-precision linear switch is optimized for both low response times and high switching frequencies. In combination with the leading precision and unique Gold-Crosspoint contact technology, as well as a low bounce time of less than one millisecond typically, CHERRY has developed the fastest MX switch of all time. The feature set guarantees a proven durability of over 50 million keystrokes with constant pressure quality.

Optimal choice for gamers, and fast and frequent typists

The short key travel makes the MX SPEED ideally suited for gamers among others. The variants with transparent RGB covers are ideally suited for keyboards that fit perfect to the needs of gamers when it comes to haptics, yet also fulfill all the visual requirements of such a model. A switch cover with an integrated lens and large scattering surface combined with an SMD LED ensures a high luminosity of all 16.7 million colors of the RGB spectrum. The MX SPEED is also suitable for fast and frequent typists at the office or at home. For this usage scenario, the switch is available in a conventional variant with unobtrusive standard cover. Typing performance can be significantly increased due to the short travel, which benefits office use.

Corsair as exclusive launch partner

Corsair will be the exclusive launch partner of the world’s first gaming keyboard equipped with the all-new high-performance MX SPEED switch. The exclusive cooperation runs for the first six months after the launch of the new CHERRY switches.

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