Easily run Android apps on your desktop: AMI DuOS

Easily run Android apps on your desktop: AMI DuOS

These days, more and more people are foregoing the experience of using Android on a tablet, and going all phone. But, sometimes you want to use Android on a bigger screen. Sure, there’s Google Cast, where you can “cast” your phone screen to your TV. But, there’s lag in that, and it’s not the optimal solution. You can also plug most phones into the HDMI port of your TV if you have a special cable, but again, that’s not optimal. And, rather than go out and spend $200 on a decent Android tablet, you could just spend $15 and run it on your computer. Yes, that’s right. Your computer.

What is it? Who made this?

I have tried many ways of running Android on my laptop and desktop for the specific reason of being able to play Clash of Clans without killing my phone’s battery, and AMI DuOS allows me to indulge in that terrible habit. There are tons of Android emulators on the market; some free, some paid. Some are even officially made by Google, and are great if you want to just run Android itself and sideload an APK or two. But, if you want the full Google Play experience, you’ll be hard pressed to find a great replacement to just using an Android phone. AMI (American Megatrends, Inc.), if you’ve never heard of them before, is a company that makes the BiOS (binary operating system) of computers. This BiOS is what you see when you first boot your computer. Most never hear the name AMI, nor do they recognize it, but without AMI, you might not even be reading this article right now. With that being said, who better to make an awesome Android emulator than the people who can make your computer run and boot!

OK, awesome! How does it work and do I want it?


AMI came up with a way to not only make an awesome Android emulator that you can decide how many processing cores or how much RAM it has, but also one that’s drop dead simple to set up. You get a free 30 day trial, and then it is only $10 if you want the Jellybean version of DuOS, and $15 if you want the Lollipop version. Once you download and install DuOS, the AMI website directs you a page where they provide you the instructions on how to setup Google applications within DuOS, and it’s so simple it took me forever to figure it out. I’m so used to having to download zips, unzip them, flash them, or do something with them, that’s exactly what I did with DuOS; unnecessary. With DuOS, you literally download the zip of the Gapps you need, right click on it in Windows Explorer, and hit “Apply to DuOS.” Please make sure that DuOS is running before doing this.

Let’s set this stuff up!


DuOS Configuration Tool_2016-03-30_22-53-04

One of the best things about DuOS is the fact that it runs on a computer. You’re no longer throttled by your phone’s hardware, you have access to super fast RAM, insane processors, and fast SSDs. Being that I have 16GB of RAM in my desktop, I chose to allocate 4GB of RAM just for DuOS, and it made it run buttery smooth!


DuOS_2016-03-30_22-51-51I, of course, opted to install Google Apps alongside DuOS, though you don’t have to. AMI preloads the Amazon App Store on DuOS, so if you decided not to use the Google Apps suite, you can still have access to a vast majority of applications on the market.

After flashing the Google Apps suite, just log into your Google account, and away you go. My computer is a quad core desktop with 16GB RAM, so I gave DuOS the maximum amount of resources it could, just for fun. DuOS runs like a beast, and doesn’t stutter much. Network passthrough from my computer to DuOS is a cinch, and same with keyboard and mouse support. Playing games, using social media platforms (native Google+ on your desktop, anyone?), and more is all made drop dead easy by DuOS. I’ve been able to play the heaviest of Android games, to just simple things like Candy Crush and Words With Friends. DuOS was able to handle everything I threw at it, with no issues.

Should you get it?

DuOS_2016-03-30_22-52-05Not sure if you want to spend $15 on an application that allows you to run Android on your computer nearly flawlessly? Well, AMI gives you 30 days to try out DuOS fully before making you decide. Honestly, if you don’t have an Android tablet, then DuOS is probably a great option for you if you want Android on a larger screen without issues. But, go ahead, swing by the DuOS website and give it a try! If you like it, let them know on their social media what you think, and make sure to tell them that GadgtSpot sent you!

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