Synology announces DiskStation Manager 6.0 for their popular DS series NAS devices

Synology announces DiskStation Manager 6.0 for their popular DS series NAS devices

Synology has long been a name in network solutions, from routers to NAS devices. Their Network Attached Storage devices run Synology’s popular DiskStation Manager operating system, hence why most of their NAS devices are “DSxxx.” Today, Synology announced the release of DiskStation Manager 6.0, which comes with a flood of new features. If you want to read the press release right now, go ahead and jump to page 2 of this post. If you’d like a quick recap of what DS Manager 6.0 will bring, read on below!

With the release of DiskStation Manager 6.0, you will receive a bunch of new features. Synology is giving you the ability to now run multiple instances of DSM on a single Synology NAS, which gives you the ability to, in theory, run multiple servers off of one DS series NAS. Synology calls this feature “Virtual DSM (Beta).”

Synology also announced MailPlus and MailPlus Server (Beta), allowing you to run your own mail server from your very own NAS! Now, honestly, this is an awesome feature. I don’t want to pay for Google Apps for my personal email, nor do I want to use cheap email hosted by some random web host.. And hosting your own email used to be quite a chore, but, with MailPlus Server, I might just try my hand at hosting my own email. I mean, why not? We should note that some ISP’s have it in their TOS that they reserve the right to cancel your service over things such as hosting your own mail server, so please do check with your ISP before purchasing (or even using) MailPlus on a Synology server. If you are in a business situation, you should be perfectly fine, but we still recommend checking with your ISP before going forward with using MailPlus or MailPlus Server.

Synology also is trying to counter Google Docs and Office Online with SpreadSheet, allowing you to create, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets with other people. This could really come in handy in a work environment when you don’t want to have important documents hosted offsite on servers that can be easily compromised.

Synology also launched PetaSpace, which, from what I can tell (I’ve reached out to Synology for further comment) just allows you to backup your NAS to an offsite location with up to (and over) 1PB of data (yes, petabyte, which is 1,000 terabytes.) This will be really useful for people who want to use a NAS for their business to keep files local for transfer times, but want to be secured in case the unthinkable happens and they not only lose a disk, but the entire array in something like a flood, fire, etc.

They also revamped the Cloud Station Suite to help speed things up, give more bandwidth control, and better permissions. While doing this, Synology also gave you a redesigned Video Station  app which includes offline transcoding for watching movies anywhere. The Video Station app, along with the other media apps now work with things such as the new Apple TV, Apple Watch, Windows 10 and more!

Synology also tightened up security in DiskStation Manager 6.0, giving role-based access for non-root WebAPIs. They also now have Let’s Encrypt integration for easy, quick, and free SSL integration!

There are tons of other features in DiskStation Manager 6.0, one of the biggest being BTRFS for Synology NAS devices with a 64-bit processor. But, if you want to know more details on DSM 6.0, or see supported Synology units, read the full press release on the next page, or head on over to

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