Enhance GX-K3 Gaming Keyboard Review: Not your average $30 keyboard

Enhance GX-K3 Gaming Keyboard Review: Not your average $30 keyboard

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, you better be prepared to drop some serious cash on on. Well, that is until now. Enhance is a new-ish brand from Accessory Power, and features good gaming hardware at an awesome price. When they asked us to review the GX-K3, I jumped at the chance, as I always wanted a mechanical keyboard, but could never afford one, as most cost over $100. Now, the GX-K3 isn’t really mechanical. Yeah, I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but the GX-K3 is what they call a hybrid keyboard, meaning it’s a mix between a mechanical keyboard and a silicon membrane keyboard. And, actually, it works really well. But, let’s take a look at exactly what the GX-K3 is, why you do/don’t want it, and just what the heck a hybrid keyboard is!


If you’re looking for a super high-end gaming keyboard, with 12,000 macro keys, RGB backlighting that dances to the music, or that you could sleep in bed with, the GX-K3 isn’t for you. But, if you’re looking for that kind of keyboard, I assume you’ve got more than $50 to spend. The GX-K3 is the perfect entry level keyboard for a gamer that doesn’t want a normal membrane keyboard, but can’t drop $100+ on a mechanical keyboard. Or maybe, you like the feel of mechanical, but you don’t want the click or the possibility of wearing out the switch. Maybe you just want a nice looking keyboard that can be backlit a few different colors. I’m not you, so I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that the GX-K3 is most of these things. The GX-K3 features 3 backlighting colors: red, blue, and purple.

There are no fancy macro keys on the GX-K3, but really, who uses those? I have a Logitech G710 now (review coming sometime later), and I have 6 programmable macro keys, and 3 more macro settings, giving me a total of 12 macro keys. I might use 2 of those. Maybe. So, macro keys aren’t that important to me.

I also don’t really like a ton of backlighting colors, unless it’s RGB, then…

rgb-memeBut, the GX-K3, with its three colors, actually isn’t bad at all. The blue is a nice color for the daytime, while the red is perfect for night, since the color red doesn’t dilate your pupils, making it easier for you to concentrate on your game! Purple, which is more of a “pinkish-purple” on the GX-K3, is a nice color, too, if you don’t want blue or red. You can also turn the backlight off on the GX-K3, if you so choose.

GX-K3 Colors Blue

The GX-K3 also features a nice, 65” braided USB cable. Sadly, the GX-K3 only has one USB-A plug, not two like most of the other gaming keyboards on the market, giving you a pass-through USB outlet on the keyboard. But for the price of $29.99, that’s kind of expected.

One super nice feature of the GX-K3, though, is that is has Cherry MX style switches. This means if you want to get custom keys, they’re very easy to find, and super easy to install!


If you’re looking at the GX-K3, and saying to yourself, “It’s a $30 gaming keyboard, it can’t be high quality,” you’re wrong. To be completely honest, the GX-K3 is more sturdy than my Logitech G710. Sorry Logitech, Enhance just has a sturdier bottom on the GX-K3. The entire keyboard is quite thin on the profile, cutting around all the keys making it have a slim profile. The bottom, however, is something else. Enhance decided to make the bottom out of a nice solid piece of aluminum, and there is no flex in this keyboard at all.


GX-K3 FeetEnhance also includes the riser feet that we’ve come to know and love (and sometimes hate). They work great with the keyboard and make it the perfect angle to type on.

Key response

When it comes to keyboards, you kinda want to be able to type or hit a few keys in succession and not worry about lag, right? Well, I normally do. The GX-K3 does a great job at that.

Enhance doesn’t give us exact numbers for how many key rollovers the GX-K3 supports, but I’ve not been able to make it stutter in my time using it.

Unique things about GX-K3

What makes the GX-K3 unique? Well, the biggest thing for me is the price! The GX-K3 is only $29.99 on Amazon. Yes, you heard me (read me?) right. IT’S ONLY $30! And, honestly, it almost feels as good as my G710. Nothing can match up to a Cherry MX Blue switch, in my humble opinion. But, if I was building a budget gaming build, would I rather spend an extra $100 on my RAM/GPU/CPU or keyboard? Honestly, if I had a fixed budget, I would TOTALLY go with the GX-K3 over any other gaming keyboard out right now. It’s a great keyboard, fantastic price, and it truthfully almost feels like a normal mechanical keyboard!

Is the GX-K3 worth it?

Yes. Every bit of yes. $30? Are you kidding me? I liked typing on the GX-K3 more than my Logitech K750 (review also coming soon), which is ~$50-75, depending where you buy it. If you couldn’t already tell from my Logitech MX Master review, and frequent mentions of the G710 and K750 in this review, I’m a Logitech fanboy. And Enhance has won me over, at least for budget keyboards.

If you have the $100+ to spend on a keyboard, then there are better options out there, for sure. But, for the under-$50 price range, I’ve not found one I love more than the GX-K3.

Enhance Gaming GX-K3

Enhance GX-K3 Gaming Keyboard Review: Not your average $30 keyboard



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If you're looking for a cheap gaming keyboard, the GX-K3 is probably one of the best choices out there!


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