Kangaroo Plus mini-pc with more RAM and storage, available now

Kangaroo Plus mini-pc with more RAM and storage, available now

Yesterday, Portland based digital display and visual media company, InFocus announced a supercharged upgrade to their Kangaroo mini-PC. Like its predecessor, the Kangaroo Plus packs decent PC power into a form factor that is closer to a cell phone or a deck of cards than a PC case.

Just like the Kangaroo, the Kangaroo Plus features an energy efficient 1.44 GHz Intel Cherrytrail Atom x5 Z8500 processor, internal battery, and fingerprint reader, but this new model has a few under-the-hood improvements. The RAM has been bumped up from 2 GB to 4 GB. The Kangaroo Plus also has 64 GB of internal memory, which is a pretty sizable upgrade over the original 32 GB featured in the Kangaroo. This version of the Kangaroo does not come pre-installed with an operating system like the original Kangaroo (which sports Windows 10 Home out of the box), so users will have to provide their own. InFocus claims that the Kangaroo Plus supports Windows 10, Linux, or any “other OS that satisfies their particular requirement.”

The Kangaroo includes a host of connectivity options like Bluetooth and WiFi. With the included removable dock, you get a full sized HDMI out for video and a couple of USB ports. The miniscule computer can also connect to an iPad for “touch-enabled access to all desktop programs and files.”

Lawrence Yen, director of Kangaroo product marketing had this to say: “We’ve received overwhelmingly positive response from the launch of Kangaroo a little more than three months ago. For our latest model, we have taken direct customer feedback and incorporated it into the Kangaroo Plus. Customers asked for more storage and memory packaged in the same tiny form factor and we are giving it to them. Customers have also asked to be able to customize and configure their own operating system and now that is possible as well.”

Yen went on to suggest a few uses for the Mini-computer. “Kangaroo Plus is an inexpensive and portable secondary PC for business, but is also being used as an entertainment streaming PC for movies, music and games, especially when paired with an Xbox at home or with a hotel TV on the road. It’s being used as a starter-PC for kids or as the control PC for home automation systems. With the latest upgrades, Kangaroo Plus opens the door to even more applications and we are excited to hear about them all.”

The Kangaroo Plus is available now from Newegg.com for $169.99 and the original Kangaroo is also available for 99.99.

The first thing that comes to mind for me is a portable Kodi / Game system that can go anywhere you can find a TV to slap an HDMI cable into. What would you do with one? Let us know in the comments below!

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