Apple TV on sale at RadioShack until January 23rd

Apple TV on sale at RadioShack until January 23rd

If you forgot RadioShack still exists, I won’t blame you. Even if you can’t find a brick-and-mortar store locally, you can still order what you want or need online. If you’ve been eyeing Apple’s latest version of the Apple TV due to its new features and slick remote, you’re in luck! RadioShack has reduced the prices to $119.98 and $169.98 for the 32GB and 64GB models, respectively. The models are also bundled with an HDMI cable, which will come in handy. The only downside is that the limit is one per person for online orders, though that is easy to work around. Shipping for the orders is $5.95, still much cheaper than purchasing them directly from Apple.

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While the Apple TV was announced in September 2015 and released in October 2015, there are already rumors (though unlikely) concerning the 2016 model. The reports are saying that it may be released as early as this Spring. If this turns out to be true, this discount is still worth checking out. If an Apple TV is released within the next few months, it most likely will not sport and major upgrades, so there’d be no need to feel bad about grabbing the current model.

This is certainly the cheapest price for a fourth-gen Apple TV out there (including eBay), so it might be the deal for you! But hurry! The sale only lasts until the 23rd of January!

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