Remix OS, Android on your PC

Remix OS, Android on your PC

Have you ever felt the need or want to run Android on your PC? Maybe a desktop or a laptop? Or even a media box that you have shoved in a corner? Well, there have been many other options before, but they all cost money or don’t work very well. Many even don’t work at all, and most of them are a pain to set up.

Jide has an answer for your Android needs and wants. The great people behind Remix OS, the Android productivity operating system that runs on the Ultratablet and Remix Mini, have created Remix OS for PC. By utilizing the Android-x86 project, Jide reworked their popular Remix OS to run on personal computers powered by Intel processors. They mention that this means that it’ll work on some Macs out there too!

If you are wondering what Remix OS is, you can check out our friend Joe’s unboxing and first impressions of the Jide Remix Ultratablet! You’ll have to stick with him a little. He struggles a bit trying to actually get the tablet out of the box. If you want to skip straight to him playing with Remix, click here.

The install is said to be very simple and safe, as well for any compatible PC. Just follow the installation and you now have a dual booting PC with your native OS and Remix OS! Or, if you don’t want to be restricted to one PC, you can also install Remix OS onto a bootable USB so that you can run Remix OS on any computer running a supported chip!

Don’t forget that most computers run x86 chips, so you will have no issue with that. Also, all of this is completely free! You just download the proper file from Jide’s site and follow some simple directions. There are already plenty of video guides on YouTube and written guides all over the internet if you need help.

I haven’t been able to test out Remix OS on my PC yet, but I’ll make sure to do a full review as soon as I do! That will release along with a comparison to the Remix Mini PC that was released late last year. Considering Android was designed to run on mobile processors and Remix OS specifically works flawlessly on an Allwinner PC and 1GB of RAM, I expect the user experience on a full powered PC to be amazingly smooth.

It is important to keep in mind that this is an alpha release for developers and early adopters. With that in mind, you can expect bugs here and there and things to not work exactly as planned. Hopefully we’ll get the first official release soon with a near bug free experience (You can never get rid of all of the bugs)!

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