Origin Access, “Endless PC gaming, just $4.99 a month”

Origin Access, “Endless PC gaming, just $4.99 a month”

If you are a PC gamer who happens to love Origin, I have a fun fact for you. Origin Access is a thing. You can pay $4.99 monthly in order to get some cool stuff.

Your monthly payment will grant you access to “The Vault“. The Vault is “a growing collection of PC games”. This “Vault” will grow over time and houses full versions—none of that demo shenanigans—of games that you might actually want to play.

Key titles include:

  • Battlefield 4 (Digital Delux)
  • FIFA 15
  • Sims 3
  • Late Night Expansion Pack
  • High-End Loft Stuff Pack
  • SimCity
  • This War of Mine


Other benefits of Origin Access are “First Trials” and an exclusive discount.

First Trials get you sneak peek type games. You get to play the real game before they are publicly released. Again, no demos. As it stands, you’ll be able to start playing Unravel February 4th as the first “First Trial”. If you decided to purchase a game after playing the First Trial version, your progress and any in-game stats will transfer over with you.

Currently, the exclusive discount entails 10% off any Origin purchase along with savings on DLC, new releases, third-party games (not just EA games), and lots more! The best part is that this discount applies ON TOP OF any existing Origin sale or promotion.

A lot of times, you have to pick one promotion or another. Retailers don’t let you stack discounts. However, Origin is letting Origin Access subscribers get 10% off in addition to any sales or promotions. That’s great news to anyone seriously considering shelling out the $5 a month.

It is worth noting that Origin Access only applies to PC gamers. All of this stuff is for PC games. Sorry console gamers, but you seem out of luck.

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