$20 Play Store credit to owners of the new Chromecast

$20 Play Store credit to owners of the new Chromecast

Happy Holidays from Google! People who buy the new hockey puck Chromecast after December 13th are eligible for a gift of $20 of Play Store credit. While the Chromecast itself is a great deal for $35, it is a straight up steal for $15 if you think of the $20 credit as a discount.

PocketNow feels that this deal makes the Chromecast more preferable this holiday season than the old Nexus Player. While the Nexus Player definitely has more power and functionality, PocketNow argues that the Chromecast is “practically given away for free until January 2.”

While this offer doesn’t seem to be valid for the Chromecast Audio, it is still a huge win for those picking up a Chromecast. As always, cashing in on this offer is as easy as opening up your Chromecast app while connected to the same network as the eligible streaming device and checking for offers.

Check out Google’s Chromecast offers page for more information!

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