NVIDIA jumps out of planes, discounts SHIELD TV

NVIDIA has long been the name for graphics cards, and graphics in general when it comes to computers and gaming. Ask most gamers what graphics card is in their computer, and chances are it’s a NVIDIA. NVIDIA lately, though, has been diving into endeavors outside of their normal realm of graphics cards, and into your living room. Not in the way you’d think, either, by partnering with someone like Sony or Microsoft to be the card inside of your gaming console, but by building their own “console” of sorts: the NVIDIA SHIELD TV.

They did something quite crazy, as you can see in the video above. The press release provided to us for this video talked about how NVIDIA jumped out of a plane while still playing games and watching TV, or did they? The line “NVIDIA has the technical capabilities to simulate anything” and “… decide for yourself if it’s fake or real.” makes us love NVIDIA all the more, because it looks so real!

As part of the promotion of this death-defying stunt, NVIDIA is giving you a free SHIELD controller with the purchase of any NVIDIA SHIELD TV, a $50 value. I recently picked up a Nexus Player and the ASUS Gamepad, and the gamepad/controller really make the Android TV experience that much better, so this promotion is quite awesome!

What do you think? Was the jump real or fake? Will you be picking up a SHIELD TV, or do you already have an Android TV box? Let us know in the comments below!

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