How to import from Evernote to OneNote: The Easy Way

How to import from Evernote to OneNote: The Easy Way

I used to jump from note taking app to note taking app, and then one day I got a random notification on my Note 3. “You just got a year of Evernote Premium thanks to Samsung!” Well, at that point, I decided to just use Evernote for everything. I loved it! Evernote was my go-to note taking app for everything from grocery lists to school notes, but then it happened; my year started coming to a close. It’s almost time for my Evernote premium subscription to end, and I had to make a decision: renew or not? I weighed my options, checked out pricing, and made my choice: I was not going to renew Evernote Premium for $50/year, not when there are so many other applications out there that do the same thing, or very close to the same, for free.

What to choose, what to choose? Do I go with Google Keep? SimpleNote? OneNote? Ah, OneNote, the red-headed stepchild of the note taking applications that comes shipped with Windows 8 and Windows Phone that no one uses. But why not? OneNote is a very robust application, and has native clients for Windows, OS X, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and more. It’s free, but a more full-featured version comes with Office (or Office 365), of which I have both. I am a MSDN Ultimate subscriber, so I always have the latest Office through that, and I have Office 365 through my college, so I will always have OneNote in some way, shape, or form. So why not just use it? Well, importing notes from Evernote to OneNote was proving difficult, and there was no way I was going to re-type, or even copy and paste my notes, as I had well over 200 notes (almost 240) and some notes were thousands of words long. So, the search started for how to export my notes from Evernote to OneNote.

Evernote to OneNote - Importing


Over a week ago, I searched online for about a half hour and found nothing recent. Nothing that would work with the latest version of OneNote, at least. So I just gave up to look another day. I started searching the other day again, and eventually fell on a program, Evernote2OneNote, thanks to a Microsoft Help forum post. I decided to give it a try, and here were my results.


Evernote to OneNote - ProgressUsing Evernote2OneNote proved a tad difficult at first, but that was just due to me not fully looking for things. I was expecting all of the notes to end up in my normal notebook, and when they didn’t, I kept importing and importing. I eventually started browsing OneNote to figure out where in the world they ended up, and about 4 copies of the notes all ended up in the Quick Notes folder. Oops. Once I realized that, I deleted all of the imported notes, and re-imported that notebook one last time. After I imported it, I highlighted all of the newly imported notes, and right clicked on them, selected move, and then moved them to the new notebook of my choice. Now, the notes lost all tags in the move, but that’s fine. OneNote uses a completely different tag setup compared to Evernote, so I needed to re-do it all anyway.

Evernote to OneNote - Quick Notes

I went through each notebook from Evernote and imported them into their respective slots in OneNote, and it worked quite well. All formatting in the notes were retained, even images! I was surprised and happy to see this.

Evernote to OneNote - Images

The only drawback to using Evernote2OneNote is that it requires Windows to function properly, which, thankfully, Parallels allowed me to run inside of OS X without having to reboot! Once I found the tool, and figured out how it worked, things went super quick. I will have to go through and re-organize all of my notes, but is that really a bad thing? And thankfully, the entire process (to get to a working point in OneNote) took about 30 minutes. After that, well, it’s going to take several hours to re-organize everything that used to be tagged in Evernote back into its proper place in OneNote, since OneNote doesn’t use the tagging system. 

What note taking app do you use? Evernote? OneNote? Something completely different? Let us know in the comments below!

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