Angry Birds 2 hits Android and iOS

Angry Birds 2 hits Android and iOS

Angry Birds has been an addicting game for the young and old since release almost 5 years ago. Wow, has it really been that long? Either way, Rovio has come a long way as a company and Angry Birds has come a long way as a game, releasing multiple versions. Every version seemed to make the last one seem obsolete, at least for a few weeks until you beat the latest one and went back to play all of your favorite levels again.

Well, Rovio has done it again. Angry Birds 2 is available to download today on iTunes and Android. The game is basically the same Angry Birds we have played for the past 5 years, but includes a few new features such as multi-stage levels, new challenges, some new boss levels, and more.

Angry Birds 2 is still free, and it still has ads and in-app-purchases to help Rovio gain back the money they put into developing the game, and I am OK with that. When it comes to games, I would most of the time rather have them free with a few IAPs (that I generally don’t buy) then have to pay up front for the game and play it for two weeks and be done with it.

Rovio made a huge hit when the first launched Angry Birds almost 5 years ago, can they do the same with Angry Birds 2? Let us know what you think about the latest bird-flinging game in the comments below!

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