How to: Expand the Xbox One’s storage

How to: Expand the Xbox One’s storage

During this holiday season, 1TB models of the Xbox One began to appear. This has left many owners feeling a little blue about their early adoption of Microsoft’s newest console. Unlike the Xbox 360, however, Xbox One owners are granted the ability to use any external storage medium for game downloads, game saves, ect. Interested? Well then follow these step-by-step directions below.

1) Grab a USB 3.0 Drive like this one to use.

2) Turn on your Xbox One and make sure it has the latest updates

3) Plug in the USB 3.0 Drive

4) The Xbox will recognize the drive now

5) Click “Format Storage Device

6) Name your drive anything you desire.

7) Click “Install new things here

Now you only have to wait a few minutes until a notification appears stating your device is ready to be used. You are now ready to game without ever worrying about needing to delete a downloaded game again.

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