Star Wars: Commander has arrived on Android

Star Wars: Commander has arrived on Android

If you start browsing the Google Play Store,  you will be pleased to notice Star Wars: Commander. This game has been available for about two weeks over on iOS. But starting today, Android users can begin destroying the Empire or the Rebel scum. The game is free-to-play however it does have some in-app purchases.

Here is a run down of what to expect on this game.

In Star Wars: Commander players will:

  • Choose a side: Command AT-ATs, TIE fighters and stormtroopers as the Empire or call on iconic heroes like Han Solo and Princess Leia as part of the Rebellion.
  • Build and defend a base: Train unique troops specific to each faction, and fortify a base with deflector shields, turrets, heavy artillery, and other defenses.
  • Lead epic battles: Strategically deploy powerful armies, units, and vehicles against enemies and other players around the galaxy.
  • Travel to multiple planets and complete special missions: Play an all-new story as a valiant leader on the front lines of the Galactic Civil War.
  • Upgrade a strike team and its defenses: Strengthen forces with multiple levels of upgrades for each unit.


Trust me, there is something satisfying when you get notified “Commander: Your forces are ready” (Proceed with evil laughter). Head over to the Google Play Store and begin your conquest or destruction of the galaxy.

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