Securing your iCloud account

Securing your iCloud account

By now, most of the celebrity gossip channels have been ablaze by the report of compromising photos being taken directly out of their iCloud Photo Albums. How that happened was a carefully orchestrated attack of which the full details on are still cloudy. But how do we prevent finding ourselves in the same situation? Granted, none of us are “celebrities”, but having your information taken from you is unsettling at the very least. And, since we strive to keep our private lives private, we want the reassurance that if we put something on our phone or computer that we want kept secret, it will stay that way. Securing your iCloud account is pretty simple.

1. Enable Two-Step Verification

First, if you want keep sensitive photos, but still want them to remain somewhat hidden, enable two-step verification. This is a great defense against the types of  targeted and brute-force attacks that were used against the celebrity’s accounts. Two-step verification requires that you enter a code that is sent via text message before you are given access. If you want to learn more or enable Two-Step verification, please follow the link.

2. Disable Unused Services

Second, disable any services you don’t actually use. If the data doesn’t exist in the first place, there’s no reason to hack it. Do you even need Photostream or other iCloud services like contact-syncing? If not, disable these services. To do so, go to Settings > iCloud on your iOS device and disable the unnecessary services. Then, sign into and delete any previously-uploaded Photostreams. While you’re at it, consider repeating the same steps for other cloud services, including Dropbox, auto-backup on Android, or even Flickr. The more you minimize data automatically uploaded into the cloud, the greater control you’ll have over your private information.

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