Xbox One controller for your PC has arrived!

Xbox One controller for your PC has arrived!

Rejoice my gaming friends, for the Xbox One controller support for your PC has arrived! Microsoft has released the drivers for PC utilizing the Xbox One controller. If you are like me, and own a gaming PC along side a new console, you will agree this is a great day. Having to use an older controller such as the Xbox 360 version to play current games after using the Xbox One can be a bit ugly. Especially if you love the new controllers. If you prefer the Playstation 4 controller over the Xbox One, that can be used as well. However, the official drivers have not been released by Sony, so you do have to take a few extra steps to hook yours up which can be found HERE.


Microsoft will be including these drivers in a typical Windows update in the near future, but for now if you want to get your hands on them click HERE.

That is ALL my friends! Now GO FORTH……and game!





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