Hide your Windows Phone Notification Center from prying eyes

Hide your Windows Phone Notification Center from prying eyes

One of the greatest features that has come with Windows Phone 8.1 is that of the Notification Center.

Of course, our iOS and Android counterparts have had a notification center on their mobile phone for quite some time now. I honestly think, though, that Microsoft is definitely heading in the right direction and has really taken the time to make a notification center that is truly worth having.

One of the cool settings in the new Windows Phone Notification Center on Windows Phone 8.1 is that you can have it run under the lock screen, meaning, you can access your notifications without unlocking your phone. Now, before you all start commenting (I can hear it now), yes, Android and iOS have the same functionality, but that is not where I am getting to. I know that the notification center for both Android and iOS allows you to view notifications while the phone is locked but Microsoft has added a handy little feature that I am really liking.

In the Notification Center settings on Windows Phone 8.1, you have the ability to hide your notifications if your phone is locked. This way, if someone gets a hold of your device, they won’t see any notifications you get. I don’t think Android and iOS has that feature. At least not in such a simplistic way.

It is as simple as a toggle. Yes, that simple. Here’s how to do it:

Head over to settings > notifications + actions > and deselect ‘show notifications in action center when my phone is locked’.

Now, when you lock the screen and access the notification center, all you see is the quick access toggles.

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