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The CarbonRom website is live

screen2Today is a very exciting day for both the Carbon team and those who use the ROM. Carbon’s website is now live! The site is now your one-stop shop for CarbonRom downloads, changelogs, and news. You can even check out the new and current features of the ROM.

For those of you unfamiliar with Carbon, it’s a ROM that “keeps a very stock AOSP look overall,” but “is still PACKED with additional features that you can enable as you please.” Some of the features include the ability to customize the colours of your Navigation Bar, swipe away your recent apps with a single button press, activate your LED light by using a long press on your lock screen, and many more great additions to a clean look.

Whether you’re a veteran user of Carbon, or you’re just looking to test it out, head on over to the new site, find your device, and get downloading!

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